How to write popular blog post for making money |create blog.

How to write popular blog post for making money |create blog.

how to write blogs

At present blogger are making good amount money through creating popular  blog posts

Before we come to the topic we need to understand 

what is blog?

A internet site wherein someone writes often approximately subjects that hobby them, commonly with pictures and hyperlinks to different web sites they find interesting.

Types of blogs:-

blog and its types


Following are the different types of blogs you can go through them to narrow down your field of interest

  •  Personal blogs
  • Collaborative blogs or group blogs Microblogging
  • Corporate and organizational blogs
  • Aggregated blogs
  • By genera
  • By media type
  • By device

Things we need to keep in mind while creating the blog post. We will talk about how to create effective blog post. Basically we will be discussing which topic to tape on for getting excellent results. Most of the people got confuse to decide where to start from. These are the most searched or trending topic which are searched regularly on the search engines. Lets go through these points for better understanding.



Tutorials and How-tos Tutorials and how-tos are probably the easiest type of blog post you can work on. They’re easy because they engage you when you talk about things you already know, such as your product or service.

 The most important thing about how-to guides is to break your tutorial down into the smallest steps and in the simplest terms. Don’t assume your readers know what they’re doing – this is a tutorial, remember

 Think about your recent work and you’ll probably find some great ideas for writing a tutorial.


latest industry image

You have your morning routine, just like me. Scroll through online news and discover the latest trends in your industry. Why not turn your morning routine into a blog post?

 Find some of the latest happenings in your industry and blog about them. You may also link to news articles if you deem it appropriate. The important thing is that you add your “flavor” (thoughts, reviews, etc.).You’ll have a new blog post in minutes! (Here is a good example).

like put views on trending new like – were the war was necessary between Ukraine and Russia ? what your view on this just conclude it. People are always looking for these kind of stuffs 



current event

Similar to the previous point, this one is even more generic. What do you like to read? What catches your eye? What are you going to talk about with your friends? Write on it! News is always coming in, from the latest Marvel movie to the latest Russian antics .

The genius of writing a news article is that people are already looking for more information and thoughts on these topics. Your current opinion piece could become the next viral sensation! It’s even better if you can relate the news to your product or service .




controversial topic


 This type of blog post can be a lot of fun to write, but remember to be wise. Disputes are always topical: just watch the local news, they always report different controversies!

 Just figure out what controversy interests you and how you can add to the conversation.

 Be sure to use the keywords around the dispute as well. Mac vs. PC. MailChimp vs. AWeber, 

Gun Control, etc. are just a few basic ideas.  Since arguments are very emotional, you need to be careful and choose your words wisely




 Checklists are one of the easiest types of content to create. You probably always create lists like a grocery list, supply lists, to-do lists, etc. All you have to do is take the same concept and apply it to your industry or blog.

If you’rein the real estate business, create an open house checklist.

If you lovephotography, write your engagement session checklist to make sure you have everything you need for the perfect engagement session.
To refinethe checklist, take a common task and break it down into short, actionable pieces.
Then you can share this checklist to help others get started. Check out our content update checklist.





list blog

Who doesn’t love lists? List posts are still some of the most shared on the internet. You can make a list of anything. Maybe it’s a list of your favorite restaurants, your summer reading list or your favorite web apps. The possibilities are limitless. The best part is that you decide! This article is a good example of a list. Another example is our article on 27 Clever Lead Generation Ideas.




From charts to lists, myths to facts, anything you can think of can be turned into an infographic That’s why everyone loves them!Of course, the more professional the graphics,

 the better, but you can still create an amazing article by producing a graphic you created in PowerPoint. The key is to convince people with a chart or graph that helps explain things.  

Tools like Canvas, Piktochart and Faceare great for creating beautiful line graphics.
pictures in this blogs are created through canva


case study

People love to hear success stories and find out what’s going on behind the scenes. Case studies are fairly easy to write and are ideal for social proof.

Browse the list of customers and determine who has had success using your product.

Email your best customers, explain how they’ve used your product or service to improve their business, then share the case study on your blog. You will be amazed at how a single case study can inspire and attract tons of new customers.

Here is an OptinMonster case study example of how a Swedish website increased conversions by 800% using OptinMonster.

Want your site to feature in the OptinMonster case study? Just send us an email (we like to showcase our customers). 



Profiles Just like a case study, you can write a profile post about anyone. You can write a profile article about an industry leader, your customers, or someone emergingin your industry.
The profile post must provide biographical information about the person and links where users can find more information about the person.
You can probably guess that you need to enter information about why you chose to write an article about this person, but also consider adding facts that are not well known so that your post can stand out. any other resource.


You can conduct an interview in minutes. Who is an important person in your area of ​​interest that you think will pique the interest of your readers?

Talk to this person in the news or get their thoughts on what’s next in your industry. The goal here is not just to have an interview, but to talk about things your readers want to know.

This could be business ideas, lessons learned, skill sharing, etc.

OptinMonster user John Dumas has an entire site where he only interviews successful entrepreneurs.


I remember in middle school one of my teachers left us  a note-sized cheat sheet to contain key information that would help us in our exam.the hard parts.  We need cheat sheets for life! So write one! If you have a food blog, provide a cheat sheet with conversions for common measurements. Unlike a checklist, this one is not meant to be exhaustive, but an article on knowing the main things or  easily overlooked things.

  free platforms where we can create blogs are-

·       Blogger

·       Word press





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