Best 5 waterfalls in Jharkhand with photos

Best 5 Waterfalls in Jharkhand with photos 2022

waterfalls in ranchi

Jharkhand, often known as “The Land of Forests,” is a naturalist’s paradise. Hills, forests, and temples are abundant in the state. Jharkhand also has some beautiful waterfalls. Ranchi, the state capital, is nicknamed the “City of Waterfalls.” These falls also offer the chance to participate in a variety of adventure activities or simply relax and revitalize the soul.

The Damodar River in the northeast, the Subarnarekha in the southeast, and the Bahmani in the south all provide water to the state of Jharkhand. The Son, a third significant river, flows along the state’s northern border for much of its length. If you’re planning a trip to Jharkhand, here are 5 spectacular waterfalls to visit Falling Hundru which is Largest waterfall in Jharkhand.

5 epic waterfalls of Jharkhand are –

Hundru waterfall-

waterfall in jharkhand

Hundru Falls is 45 km from Ranchi and is one of the highest waterfalls in Jharkhand. The Subarnarekha river falls 98 m above sea level (32km)


Dassam waterfall



Dassam stands for the song of flowing water in the Mundari language. Dassam Falls is approximately 40 km from Villa Ranchi in Taimara.

Jonha  waterfall


waterfall in jharkhand


Johna Fall is also known as Gautam Dhara because it is believed that one time Buddha had a bath here. It is located at a distance of 70km and Ranchi.

Hirni waterfall


waterfall in jharkhand


Hirni Falls is situated in a densely forested area, about 70 km from Ranchi. Ramgarha river falling from a height of 37 m form the cascade. Aux.

Panch Gagh waterfall Fall –


waterfall in jharkhand

Panch Gagh  Fall is one of the most impressive falls of the state. Located at a distance of 55 km from Ranchi, it actually comprises of 5 waterfalls. This fall is created due to the River Banai. Stream 2 is the most popular fall among tourists and stream 5 is the highest fall but hard to access.

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